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Sunday, January 30, 2011

10 Safety tips for Night Driving

Night driving has been adjudged lately by researchers as dangerous. The researchers in the United Kingdom revealed that just three hours behind the wheel at night by a driver can make him/her drive as badly drunk. 

This implies that tiredness after a few hours of driving has the same effect as drunk-driving.If it is mandatory for you to drive at night the following tips will go a long way to make your journey a safe one:

i. Ensure you have rested before setting off;

ii. Take at least a 15minutes break after every 2hours driving in the night;

iii. Take some sweets to suck in the vehicle, they will help you to be awake;

iv. Do take water pack for drinking when you stop to rest. It will keep you hydrated and focused;

v. Play your vehicle music player or tune to a music station for music that will energizes you as you drive;

vi. Always use your headlamps and tail lights when it is dark. Put them on before the sunset so as not to forget when it is getting dark;

vii. If possible get an anti-dazzle rear view mirror. In case you are unable to procure it and another vehicle dazzle you; try to pull over to a safe side of the road for eye to recover; 

viii. Be very alert to road signs and warnings. Though it may be difficult to see in the night but they are made with reflectors that will aid your sight;

 ix. Drive at a reduced speed and ensure there is enough space between your vehicle and the one in front; and 

x. Keep your vehicle headlamps and windows always clean before you embark on night movement.If all these are put in place, it help in preventing accident due to tiredness or sleeping while driving.

Night driving might be as dangerous as drunk driving so be careful if is important that you drive or travel in the night. Watch this video for more information on night driving

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iykmezu said...

This is very interesting, People don't plan to travel at night always but accidentally, you might travel till night due to some circumstances, this comes handy. Thanks for sharing this tips.